I have been raising goats for over 30 years. I started with nubians and then got into Boer Goats. I still have both breeds. I am on the Fair Board and 4-H Council in Pulaski County. I am conveniently located 2 miles off of State Highway 421 east of Francesville. I have raised several 4-H Fair Champions, both wethers and does. I also have a few cart goats. If you are looking for anything specific please give me a call. I usually have goats for sale.

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FOR SALE: 30 boear meat wethers born January and one Newbian dairy wether.


Oak Grove Farms
Darla Yaggie:
219/567-2287 (H)
- 219/863-3552 (C)
5580 South 1250 West Francesville, IN 47946


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